Prof. John PARNELL


Permanent Academic

School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB24 3UE
01224 273464

Email address:

Research interests

  • The nature of the deep biosphere, and the potential for deep biospheres on other planets.
  • Analogue environments for exploration of Mars.
  • Relationships between planetary geochemical evolution and the evolution of life.
  • Potential habitats in/around impact craters.
  • Application of Raman spectroscopy to exploration of Mars, including ExoMars mission.

Research summary:

My research is focussed on understanding the geochemical and habitat controls on life on Earth, and the potential extrapolation to other planets. Life on Earth is controlled by trace element geochemistry (for metabolism), atmospheric composition (for energy) and environment (for habitat). Each of these has evolved through time, so Earth’s history has seen a range of successive states, which could be duplicated on other planets at different stages of their evolution. As we improve our knowledge of the Earth in deep time, we are better able to predict the potential for life on other planets.

Grant funding from within the past 6 years:

  • NERC Selenium and tellurium concentration in organic materials – £97,018
  • NERC Direct Measurement and Sampling of subglacial Ellsworth – £44,557
  • NERC Tellurium and selenium cycling and supply – £666,596
  • PTDF Fluid flow and deep biosphere in fractured basement – £60,000
  • PTDF Geochemical consequences of Cretaceous sea level change – £67,000
  • STFC Methane on Earth and Mars – £67,671
  • STFC Raman Spectroscopy for Mars – £68,790
  • STFC Terrestrial applications of Raman spectroscopy – £21,776

Research publications (2010-2016)

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