Image of human hands during discussion at meeting
Image of human hands during discussion at meeting

About the Graduate School

The SPERO Post-Graduate (PG) School is a virtual networking platform that allows Planetary Science Graduate Students across Scotland to interact and address and discuss issues pertaining to their projects and future career aspirations. Many student projects are complementary to work ongoing in other institutions and it is anticipated that this platform will provide a mechanism for the informal exchange of ideas as well as the development of paradigm changing ideas.

The Graduate School section is also designed to facilitate student interaction with our industrial partners and initiative collaborators throughout the UK and beyond. Details of individual members of the SPERO Graduate School can be accessed via the link above (SPERO Students).


Training in research 

The individual SPERO institutions provide comprehensive professional and personal development training for all postgraduate research students. The programmes offer a tailored suite of workshops, courses, events, online provision and resources designed to meet the development needs of postgraduate research students. Over the next 12 months a planetary science summer school programme will be developed for MSc and PhD students with representatives from every SPERO institution contributing.

In addition, there will be an annual SPERO meeting held at one of the SPERO institutions that will allow PG Students to present their research to the wider SPERO network, industry and collaborative partners, and government representatives.

Relevant training courses, conferences and workshops will be advertised on the SPERO events page