Throughout the conference there will be opportunities for researchers to provide updates or details of upcoming mission involvement/proposals. Details of such presentations will be added below and slot schedules will be shown in the meeting structure page closer to the conference.


rich-ghailDr Richard Ghail

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Geology

EnVision Lead Proposer

EnVision: understanding why our most Earth-like neighbour is so different

With all the interest in extra-solar Earth-like planets, it may be surprising to find that our Solar System boasts two: the other being Venus, our closest neighbour. ESA’s Venus Express showed it to have a surprisingly dynamic atmosphere and hinted at geological activity on the surface below, suggesting the Venus and Earth a fundamentally similar but evolved very differently. EnVision takes Europe’s world-leading interferometric radar technology to Venus in a mission to provide a range of global image, topographic, and subsurface data at a resolution rivalling those available from Earth and Mars. By revealing details of the nature and rate of geological activity on Venus, and its influence on the atmosphere, EnVision will help us understand how two Earth-like worlds could have become so different.