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The SPERO is pleased to announce the 1st British Planetary Science Congress to be held in Glasgow 3-5th December 2017. The meeting is sponsored by the UKSA, STFC and Thermo Scientific. The organising committee is Prof. Darren Mark (SUERC), Annemarie Pickersgill (SUERC/University of Glasgow), Prof. Martin Lee (University of Glasgow) and Dr Lydia Hallis (University of Glasgow).

The three day conference will cover many different aspects of planetary science research and incorporates the annual UKSA Aurora Meeting. In addition to covering the latest advances in planetary science research, the aim of the conference is to bring the UK community together for a strategic look forward (horizon scanning) at developing opportunities for research funding. This is ever-increasingly important as the research councils and space agencies move towards funding of large consortia projects that focus on multi-disciplinary applications of science.


Conference begins: